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2SC5200 transistor: Pin configuration and application – FAST TURN CHIP

2SC5200 transistor: Pin configuration and application – FAST TURN CHIP

The 2SC5200 transistor is a polarity based NPN power transistor designed for use in general-purpose switching and power based amplifier applications. The transistor consists of three terminals and three layers, wherein the terminals are the emitter, the base and the collector, and the layers are N, P and N. Here, the P doping layer is arranged between two N doping layers. Therefore, this paper discusses an overview of the 2SC5200 transistor, including its working principle and applications.

What is a 2SC5200 transistor?

The 2SC5200 is an NPN transistor, which is used in different AF amplifiers and high power audio circuits due to its high collector current and high current gain. The transistor was manufactured by Toshiba and was still replaced by the TTA5200.

The high-power transistor, packaged in to-264, is made of epoxy and plastic materials and is used TO design different amplifiers. The transistor has a collector emitter voltage (VCE) of 230V and a collector current of 30A. These transistors are used in TVS, cell phones, triggers, industrial controls and more.

2SC5200 NPN transistor

Once these transistors operate through high collector current and switching frequency, they heat up quickly, so they are always used with radiators. This protects the circuit from overheating.

In most amplifier circuit designs, the 2SC5200 transistor is used with a complement such as the 2SA1943. Similar to Class B amplifiers, most amplifiers use push-pull circuits that include two transistors, such as PNP and NPN. Therefore, the two transistors are often used together to build high-power based amplifiers.

Pin configuration

The pin configuration of the 2SC5200 transistor and its symbol are shown below. The transistor consists of three terminals, each of which is discussed below.

2SC5200 transistor pin configuration
  • Unconsciously Pin1 (base) : Controls the bias of a transistor, which is used to turn it on or off
  • Unconsciously Pin2 (collector) : A current flows through the collector, usually connected to a load
  • Lent Pin3 (emitter) : Electrical current flows out of the emitter, usually grounding

Features and Specifications

The 2SC5200 transistor features and specifications include the following.

  • Buy a system based on high-power NPN transistors
  • Lent It uses a to-264 package design
  • Buys a large current capacity
  • Lent an audio amplifier output based on HiFi.
  • Buying a transistor to switch it on/off is simple
  • Once the transistor is put to work, it processes electrical current
  • A Bragg transistor handles either the low or high frequency range and is therefore used in audio amplifiers.
  • Once a transistor is switched on, the power drop on the transistor decreases.
  • Harmonic distortion is low
  • Static high transition frequency
  • The RECTIlinear hFE has a DC current gain range of 55 to 160
  • The transition frequency is 30MHz
  • Sino continuous collector current or IC is 15A
  • The voltage, or VBE, emitted from the pole to the base is 5V
  • The voltage, or VCE, between the collector and emitter is 230 V
  • The voltage, or VCB, from the collector to the base is 230V
  • Monolingual transistors have a polarity of NPN
  • The base current, or IB, is 1.5A
  • The working temperature ranges from -55°C to 150°C
  • Costing 150W power consumption or PD

The equivalent 2SC5200 transistors are 2SD1313, 2SC5242, 2SC3320&FJL4315, The replacement of the transistor is MJL3281A, KTC5242, TTC5200&MJL13002A and the complementary 2sc52MD version of the transistor is SSC52214.

How to use 2SC5200 transistor/circuit diagram?

Typically, an audio amplifier is an electronic circuit used to enhance a weak AC or DC signal to a high amplitude range. Amplifiers are used in discrete electronic devices such as mono speakers, stereo speakers, audio amplifiers, etc. Here, we are designing an audio amplifier circuit using 2SC5200 transistors, as shown below. The transistor used in this circuit is 2SC5200, which is an NPN power transistor.

Audio amplifier circuit using 2SC5200 transistor

This audio amplifier circuit can be constructed from a variety of electronic components such as 2SC5200 NPN power transistor, 0.5 watt and 8 ohm speakers, 3.5mm DC male or female jack, 10K potentiometer, 1K resistor, 220uF electrolytic capacitor, 12V/DC power supply, battery clip, jumper and breadboard.

2SC5200 transistor audio amplifier circuit working principle is; The input supplied to the circuit is audio input from a smartphone or PC.

The 10K potentiometer is used to control the input voltage level and the 220uF capacitor is used to block the DC component of the input signal by allowing only the AC component. Here the AC signal is used as a control signal towards the base terminal of the transistor.

The amplifier output from the transistor collector moves to the negative of the speaker, which is connected to the DC power supply with a DC male power jack. To prevent the transistor from overheating, you can choose to use a radiator.

The audio amplifier circuit is used for a variety of applications. This circuit is very important in music recording and is therefore very important in the modern music industry, and is also used in the military as an acoustic weapon and HVAC radar.

Where to use 2SC5200 transistors/applications

  • Applications of the 2SC5200 transistor include the following.
  • Lent for an audio amplifier
  • Buy something. It acts as a medium-power switch
  • Buy a queue for AN AF or RF circuit
  • The cost of switching is based on a high current switching load of up to 15A
  • Buy a ticket for a low-conversion device
  • Queues a circuit based on a push-pull configuration
  • Buys a high power audio circuit
  • A circuit that operates at a high electrical current, costing money
  • Buy a hi-fi audio circuit
  • Buys a voltage regulator
  • Buy a ticket in a medium-power circuit
  • Chimo these power transistors are primarily used in 200W rated stereo systems that respond to frequencies ranging from 5Hz to 100 kHz and have a sensitivity of 0.75Vrms.
  • Lent these transistors are suitable for audio applications due to their lower signal-to-noise ratio and low harmonic distortion.

Therefore, the 2SC5200 is a high-power NPN transistor suitable for AF amplifiers as well as high-power audio circuits due to its high current gain. When the transistor is used continuously under heavy load, its performance may be significantly reduced by heat, so a radiator is used to overcome this problem. The IC includes a specific three-digit printed lot number with a line below it that identifies whether the product label is lead free or RoHS compatible. Here’s a question for you, what are the disadvantages of the 2SC5200 transistor?

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