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Heavy money to develop “plastic chips”, the price is less than 1 cent? – Fsat Turn Chip

According to foreign media reports, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Utility Semiconductor, a flexible electronics manufacturer, have jointly designed a high-cost plastic processor and estimated that it could be mass-produced for less than a cent, truly opening the door to nowhere. The electronic age is not there. When each processor costs less than


Samsung to produce semiconductor components in Vietnam from 2023

According to Vietnamese media Lao Dong, Samsung Electronics is preparing to build a new R&D center in Hanoi, Vietnam in the fourth quarter of 2022 or early 2023 at the latest. It is planned to produce chips in Vietnam from mid-2023, reducing the production layout of semiconductor components in Vietnam. According to the report, Samsung


Semiconductor materials continue to rise, and the price of electronic components has risen more than 10 times-Fast Turn Chip

Demand for semiconductor materials is booming, and the rise of three categories is evident Semiconductor materials are mainly used for substrate production and modules. Materials used in wafer fabrication include silicon wafers, photoresists, wet electronic chemicals, electron gases, CMP polishing materials, and targets. Packaging materials include module substrates, lead frames, resins, bond wires, solder balls,


Behind the car companies grabbing the “core”, the road to localization has a long way to go

01: Huge market potential, strong demand for automotive-grade chips. In short, automotive-grade chips are all chip products used in automobiles, which are mainly divided into three categories: The first category is responsible for computing and processing, represented by MCU (Microcontroller Unit) and AI chips. Microcontrollers are widely used in the automotive field, such as wipers,

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