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Quality Assurance

Quality is one of the key factors for Fast Turn Chip to achieve a win-win situation with customers

Not only strictly review the quality control inspection of the original factory, but also carry out the material inspection of the products according to the inspection specifications or standards after the products arrive at the quality control department. Report the latent problems in the inspection process in time, fill in the inspection record report in time, and follow up the processing results.

The internal quality inspection staff is a quality inspection team composed of technicians from the quality control department of the original factory and senior IC inspectors with 5/6 years of IC sales experience.

Since the RC series products have strict parameter precision coefficient requirements, product quality inspection is also an indispensable link. From the random inspection of product warehousing to the inspection report of product shipment, the quality of the entire product chain is controlled. Take a meticulous and serious attitude. At the same time, in the face of a mixed product market, the verification of IC semiconductors must also be professional. We are confident to provide customers with product protection and avoid the risk of customers buying fake products to the greatest extent.

Quality inspection
Quality inspection
Quality inspection
Quality inspection
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