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It is reported that the global analog chip leader TI Texas Instruments has issued a price increase notice, and the new price will take effect on September 15

According to the news from the Financial Associated Press on September 11, the global analog chip leader TI (Texas Instruments) recently issued a price increase notice saying that based on cost factors, TI is about to adjust the overall price to reflect the recent, current and foreseeable price of raw materials. The new price will take effect on September 15th due to the impact of the continued rise in the future.

In addition, the market is also one of the factors driving TI’s price increase. TI pointed out that our goal is to balance cost and supply in the market. Texas Instruments is investing heavily to increase additional production capacity and further strengthen our manufacturing and technology. The competitive advantage, and to ensure that we can support our customers in the long-term.

Jiwei.com previously reported that TI’s power management chip is one of the most severely out-of-stock products and the market gap for chip products including the TPS series, TLV series, BQ series, and UCC series is very large.

It is understood that power management chips exist in almost all electronic products and equipment, and the above-mentioned materials are commonly used materials, with relatively low prices and extensive applications, which makes the shortage of goods even more severe.

Industry insiders pointed out that TI’s 8-inch wafer capacity shortage is very serious. In order to maintain profitability, limited wafer capacity can only be used for products with higher unit prices. This has led to a serious shortage of product capacity for products with a unit price of less than $1. The shortage of goods in the market is particularly serious, especially for the TPS series. The overall delivery period has been repeatedly extended, the market prices have remained high, and the prices of some products have risen hundreds of times, and terminal manufacturers have rushed for goods.

TI also stated at the performance briefing that more than 80% of the company’s products have stable delivery times. In other words, the delivery time of the other 20% of the products is uncertain.

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