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6ED1055-5MC08-0BA2 Industrial gateway

Product Name: 6ED1055-5MC08-0BA2
Inventory: 100000pcs
Manufacturer: Siemens
Model No.: 6ED1055-5MC08-0BA2
Weight: 200g
shipping Weight: 2 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set Setsets
Supply Ability: 300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms: TT,LC,DIA,D/P,WesternUnion,MoneyGramPayPal
Article Number (Market Facing Number)6ED1055-5MC08-0BA2
offeringsCommunication Interface Module, 4-Port Switch, Protocol Gateway, ModbusRTU Interface (RS232/485), Web-Based Configuration, Mobile Cellular, Send and Receive Short Message Service (SMS), GNSS Positioning, NTP Time Synchronization, Without 4G/LTE/GPS Engine, Without Antenna
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