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Our Service

Fast Turn Chip Electronics Limited has established cooperative relations with several domestic original factories, and many brand series can get better prices than the same brand agent products, and the delivery time is relatively shorter, which can further reduce the cost for small and medium-sized factories, ensure stable supply, and win more orders.

Fast Turn Chip Electronics has professional system quotation software. When some manufacturers get the customer’s BOM, they must first evaluate the price instead of purchasing. Sometimes the reply of the agent’s quotation will be very slow, which will delay the sales quotation speed of the factory and cause losses. Order. The professional system quotation software of Tongchuangxin Electronics can check the market price of the product in the latest period of time. Professional sales personnel can quickly analyze the price and quote the product manufacturer as quickly as possible to help the manufacturer speed up cost accounting and quickly obtain orders!

Fast Turn Chip Electronics focuses on providing scarce components as its key promotion service. Based on the analysis of product manufacturers and market supply and demand, the company’s professional buyers purchase scarce stocks in a timely manner and provide products close to the original manufacturers’ order prices.

Fast Turn Chip Electronics has a professional procurement team, using professional procurement knowledge and advanced e-commerce platform to help customers find parts that are not in short supply in inventory, and perform a 24-hour global search. As long as the customer provides the manufacturer’s part number or specification, we will help the customer analyze the exact specifications of the material and find the corresponding product in time, and deliver the goods to the customer globally to ensure that the goods arrive at the customer in the fastest day and the slowest 7 days.

Shortages include:

1) Discontinued materials

Many electronic materials are discontinued, and the original manufacturers and agents cannot provide them.

2) Materials that cannot be provided by the original factory or the agent in a short time

  1. The original factory or the agent often fails to deliver the product to the manufacturer on time due to some reasons, causing the manufacturer to stop working and other materials.
  2. Many factory sales will also suddenly receive orders, demanding hasty delivery, and placing orders with cooperative agents is too late for delivery.

In the case that the discontinued materials are no longer available, we can also help customers find new upgraded products or similar products of other brands, and provide samples to manufacturers to solve the factory’s emergency needs.

3) Materials and parts that cannot be purchased domestically (materials and parts sold only abroad)

All electronic materials we provide are based on quality assurance, with a 30-day quality assurance period, and only original imported products are provided. Fast Turn Chip Electronics cooperates with China Electronic Components Central Laboratory to use advanced testing equipment to conduct quality and reliability tests on products to ensure that components are 100% original and authentic, to ensure that components meet their own specifications, and can provide testing to manufacturers in need Report.

Electronic product manufacturers often receive small-volume orders or prototype orders. The number of products is limited. The original factory or agents often do not provide supporting services. Fast Turn Chip Electronics can quickly help customers provide small-volume components and solve purchases everywhere, regardless of the size of the order. The trouble of inquiry, one-stop solution to supply problems.

We use the existing sales platform and sales network to help manufacturers quickly deal with redundant materials and reduce business operating costs.

More and more customers hope that we can provide sample placement services. Therefore, the company group company has set up 3 SMT proofing production lines, focusing on proofing and small and medium-sized batch placement services. The address is located in Pacific Industrial Zone, Xintang Town, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, for those in need For customers, we can also provide one-stop services such as patch + component procurement, saving customers intermediate procurement and communication costs.

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